Dianne Volek
market strategy consultant

Grow your profits by staying focused on high-profit customers.

They say 20% of your marketing effort and budget results in 80% of your sales. But that’s no help if you don’t identify which 20% is working!

There are hundreds of advertising and communications channels, but usually only a few are a perfect fit for YOUR situation. Launching your product to 10 of the right people can be worth more than 10 000 average visitors.

Defining your brand

My primary skill is developing value propositions. I use research and consumer psychology to figure out specific marketing calls to action that drive profitable customers to see the value in what you sell. I have a BA in psychology, communication and management theory.

I help you to find your “north star” – that very visible, fixed point that is an authentic expression of  your company’s values and identity, your track record, your core competence, your industry knowledge and credibility – and most importantly the value-add you deliver to your customer. Your north star – your brand – is a corporate compass that allows your sales message to adapt to suit the channel and the audience, but remain consistent.

Leveraging technology to stay in touch 24-7

And once a communications strategy is defined, I’ll help you leverage data and technology to get your value proposition in front of the right targeted audience 24-7. My other degree is a BSc in computer science, interaction design and statistics.

I am “evidence-driven,” using data analysis, risk management and ROI to widen your  horizons with regard to new and traditional communications channels and media options.

With your north star guiding the way, we seek down-to-earth answers:

  • “Where will my target customers see my marketing message?”
  • “When will they be receptive to my solution?”
  • “How will they take action to continue their sales conversion journey?”

Converting strategy into sales

A “trial-and-error” approach wastes time and budget. Cross-industry experience gives me a wider exposure to innovative solutions. Hands-on technical skills allow me to manage suppliers and specialist employees with an understanding of what works in the real world.

I work together with your team and subject matter experts to refine your “sales conversion journey” so every interaction brings customers closer to the point of purchase.

I don’t tell you how to run you business; I listen and learn how you want to run your business, and then I use my experience and skills to grow your customer base.

And when it comes to your website I offer a full starter package for just $1 500. You will be up and in touch with customers in no time!

  1. Professional starter WordPress “website in a box“,
  2. International .com domain,
  3. One year of hosting including security updates

I also offer custom design and web development on Drupal and Moodle frameworks, as well as MailChimp newsletter management.