Dianne Volek
InterComm South Africa

Communication is business critical. Stay in touch with your customers, prospects, teams, employees and suppliers – anywhere, anytime. We create printed, digital or online marketing tools that work together to leverage multiple media channels.

Traditional consultants produce wordy strategy documents. My advertising consultancy – InterComm South Africa – is HANDS-ON. We define, write, photograph, video, design, develop and produce. We deliver websites, training materials, brochures, newsletters and adverts that work online, on your computer or in print.

Whether its a printed publication, an advert, presentation or a website, our attention-to-detail ensures that it that present a professional, coherent message about your company.

I bridge that traditional divide between creative strategic ideas  and  disciplined attention to detail in terms of on-time project delivery.

Professional Branding & Marketing Materials

Sometimes technology channels are the best way to get your message across. But we are just as comfortable designing paper and ink media advertising, brochures, signage, leaflets and newsletters. It’s all about selecting the right tool to deliver your message quickly and cost-effectively.

Don’t “make do” with an outdated logo, ad hoc advertising placements and a mismatched set of brochures, websites, trade show materials and stationery. Support your sales team with professional marketing materials.

Websites & Internet-based Applications

A web designer is more architect than artist – function matters! I am Drupal specialist who can write content, design AND programme. I understand how design elements and wording help or hinder your customers’ efforts to learn about your company’s products and services.

I build mobile-friendly websites and intranets to drive sales and corporate communications, and eLearning systems for training and education.

Appropriate photographs and graphics give impact and memorability, words change opinions and drive sales! Getting your content right is my team’s first priority. Professional copywriters will ensure your wording is not only grammatically correct, but written to attract your niche target market – AND improve your Page Rank on Google.

Media Advertising & Branding

If your advertising isn’t bring in leads, let me review your media strategy, and bring your media adverts up to date. I will help you choose the right magazines and newspapers based on readership demographics.

I can also update your branding and modernise your logo.

And I don’t take your 16% media commission or charge a percentage of every print job. You, the client, remain “hands-on” in terms of media bookings!

Magazines & Newsletters

If you print company newsletters or brochures, let my team handle your typesetting, design a new masthead, clean up editorial, source royalty-free images and ensure a professional, quality marketing and communications tool.

We’ll also convert it to an interactive online magazine that is fast and easy to read – and search engine friendly! Then we’ll put together an email teaser to bring people to your website to read it!

We have won numerous awards for our clients for corporate magazines, brochures and annual reports.

I am based in Johannesburg, South Africa and serve national and international clients from Brisbane, Australia to Vancouver, Canada!

Tel (011) 453-5229 ★ P O Box 1268, Bedfordview 2008