Dianne Volek
market strategy consultant

Grow your customer base by staying focused on high-profit customers

They say 20% of your marketing effort and budget results in 80% of your sales. But that’s no help if you don’t identify which 20% is working!

There are hundreds of marketing channels, but usually only a few are a perfect fit for YOUR situation. Introducing your product to 10 of the right people can be worth more than 10 000 average visitors.

I use research and consumer psychology to figure out specific calls to action that drive profitable customers to see the value in what you sell. I have a BA in psychology, communication and management theory.

And once a strategy is defined, I’ll help you leverage technology to get your value proposition in front of the right targeted customers 24-7. My other degree is a BSc in computer science, interaction design and statistics.

Defining your brand

My primary skill is developing value propositions. I help you to find your “north star” – that very visible, fixed point that is an authentic expression of  your company’s values and identity, your track record, your core competence, your industry knowledge and credibility – and most importantly the value-add you deliver to your customer.

Your north star – your brand – is a corporate compass that allows your sales message to adapt to suit the channel and the audience, but remain consistent.

A true north star allows your company to evolve and respond proactively to changes in the market place.  A strong brand unifies your company behind a shared ethos that is easy to remember.

Leveraging technology to stay in touch 24-7

Once a strategy is defined, I help you to leverage automation and AI  marketing tools and systems to get your value proposition message to the right targeted customers 24-7.

Your north star is the “spark” but on its own it doesn’t build a roaring fire. You need facts, data analysis, risk management and ROI reporting. I am “evidence-driven,” balancing quantitative and qualitative techniques, and widening perspectives with regard to new and traditional channels and media options.

With your north star guiding the way, we seek down-to-earth answers:

  • “Where will my target customers see my message?”
  • “When will they be receptive to my solution?”
  • “How can they take action to continue their sales conversion journey?”

Converting strategy into sales

There are dozens of potential marketing channels, and thousands of tools and techniques. A “trial-and-error” approach wastes time and budget.

Experience is knowing the right approach and tools for each communications objective.  Cross-industry experience gives me a wider exposure to innovative solutions. Hands-on technical skills allow me to manage suppliers and specialist employees with an understanding of what is possible, and what works in the real world.

I work at your premises gain in-depth understanding of your industry from subject matter experts. I help your team understand what drives your customers. We work together to refine your “sales conversion journey” so every interaction brings customers closer to the point of purchase.

I don’t tell you how to run you business; I listen and learn how you want to run your business, and then I use my experience and skills to grow your customer base.