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I design and deliver effective sales and communications tools that drive sales and grow your brand and customer base.

I integrate your knowledge of your product or service with my experience in marketing, copywriting, design and technology. Whether you need a printed or digital publication, a press release, an advert or a website, I’ll make sure that each item of marketing material presents a professional, coherent message about your company.

I constantly research what works, how each website performs,  how people make buying decisions, and why they love or hate brands.

I create websites that market 24/7 to prospective customers. I build intranets that empower teams, and web-based applications that allow companies to offer cost-effective after-sales support.  Although I specialise in “new media” digital and electronic projects,  I am just as comfortable with traditional print media.

Are you wasting time and money juggling multiple “specialists”

Co-ordinating between multiple  specialists wastes your time and focus – you keep having to explain your big picture to specialists with a narrow scope of understanding limited to their field.

  • To design a GOOD website, you also know how to programme.
  • To programme well, you need a strong grasp of graphics, domains and databases.
  • To build an internal application that manages a business you need to know databases – but also business principles and how to analyse business processes.
  • To write content that drives sales you need practical experience in sales and an in-depth mastery of marketing strategy and psychology.
  • Perfect grammar, spelling and effective SEO must incorporated as the content is written, not added an an afterthought.
  • While web (digital) design and print (graphic) design have much in common, there are critical differences that mean success or failure.
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Marketing Strategy presentation at the 2017 CBA Annual conference.

Balancing business, engineering & creativity

A great business plan is little more than a paperweight if it’s not effectively implemented. In the same way, a Photoshop mockup is just a pretty picture if it doesn’t carefully consider our client’s business strategy, technology constraints and the customer’s needs. The difficulty isn’t in the design, it’s in the execution.

I bridge that divide between creative strategic ideas and disciplined attention to detail in terms of on-time project delivery. I’m hands-on, hearts-on, minds-on for every client and every project all the time. And I encourage you to check with my clients – their references are my primary marketing tool.

I have offices in Johannesburg, South Africa and Vancouver Canada. I serve national and international clients from Brisbane Australia in the East, to Vancouver Canada in the West!