• Converting PDF product catalogues, company magazines or brochures into 3D flipbooks to be incorporate them into a website, intranet or USB handout.
  • Converting PowerPoint files to interactive presentations or videos.
  • Convert presentations for resale (SCORM-compliant package)
  • Creation of interactive "scenarios" for gamification of sales and safety training
  • Editing for readability and typographical errors
  • Expand with illustrations and relevant photography
  • Redesign page layout
  • Audio: voice-overs and music tracks
  • Screen recording for software  demonstrations
  • Security and intellectual property protection

Interactive Documents

A website or LMS is only as good as its content. As a professional technical writer I specialise in transforming text-based PDF, printed and powerpoint documents into high-impact, memorable interactive, digital content.

I have a BSc in Computer Science with an extensive track record in corporate induction, sales scenario training, software user manuals, as well as health & safety topics in the manufacturing, construction and mining sectors.

Powerpoint Conversions

PowerPoint is the corporate world’s favourite communication tool. But after putting dozens of hours into a slick sales presentation (and much more for a training session) you reach a dead end.  If you make the file downloadable, you risk losing your intellectual property.  A PDF with written notes just doesn’t fire the imagination like your original speech.

Let me convert your PowerPoint sales and support presentations to interactive documents that continue to provide ROI after the big event.  These packages are fully branded, and can be viewed over the internet or an internal network. They can be password protected, and they can’t be edited.

Protect your intellectual property by providing information in a format that prevents competitors from downloading PowerPoint files and “borrowing” your valuable content.

To improve the professionalism of your interactive document, I edit, expand and convert marketing, internal communications and training materials to

  • custom design and branding
  • improve consistency with templates
  • add illustrations and graphics
  • co-ordinate audio voice-over recordings and translations for multiple languages
  • video screen capture (software demonstrations and training)
  • self-assessment questions to ensure the content was clearly understood before going further.
  • convert to a SCORM-compliant education package for resale.

Interactive documents incorporate any video, audio (mulitple-languages) and slide animations. Allow viewers to page back and forth, read notes, clikc on linked content or download attachments.  Or I can convert your presentation into a self-contained video for YouTube.

Reinvent your PDFs!

PDFs are ubiquitous in every organisation. Whether it’s a product catalogue, policy document, annual report or a brochure, it is usually usually distributed as an uneditable or even password protected PDF.  PDFs are email friendly, but rarely high-impact or memorable.

Let me convert your PDF into a slick 3D interactive flipbook with hyperlinks.  Interactive documents are high-impact and user-friendly. Readers con zoom in to explore the image detail, and can incorporate visual page navigation and a clickable index. They have custom branding and even social sharing.  They can even have embedded video and audio! Your interactive package can but added to your internet website, shared on an intranet or saved to DVD or USB.

If you no longer have access to the original design files, we repurpose your existing CMYK print material, to provide alternative online formats for websites or social media.


To improve the professionalism of your interactive document, I also offer:

  • editing for readability and typographical errors
  • publication structuring and design
  • illustrations and maps
  • sourcing of relevant photography
  • Page layout
  • Proofreading
  • Supplying redesigned documents as material, so your print company can run off hard-copies (CMYK PDF 300 dpi)

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